Every action contributes to health or promotes disease.  Start making contributions to your health.


Welcome! I’m Teri: wife, honorary Mom to three young adults and two dogs, Gigi to two beautiful girls, chef, health coach, teacher, and I have a special affinity for food straight from the earth.

I want to help you gain control of your health through the healing power of food. I want to help you feel amazing.

Family illness has inspired me to share my passion and knowledge for food and its connection to health. I believe in scientific evidence that suggests inflammation is at the root of all disease, which you can learn more about here, here and here. The good news – inflammation can be largely reversed through diet and lifestyle.
My goal is to arm you with skills and information to help make healthy choices that fit within your busy lifestyle. Take my recipes as proof that healthy food is delicious. If the unthinkable diagnosis should happen, I want to help make your journey of managing the maze of disease a little more powerful.

I have been blessed with health and an amazing life. I plan to keep it that way, and I want to help you do the same.

I invite you to follow me on this journey. I want you to be amazing!

“You have revolutionized my world!”  Jane, Regional Sales Manager