My Story

IMG_2061I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love food.


My appreciation for whole foods developed in childhood, thanks to my parents for toting me to the veggie garden.  And thanks to this intuitive sense to nourish myself with food from the earth I’ve enjoyed a healthy life.

By my thirties I found myself tightly wound and drowning in the fast pace of life.  Stress was ever present and it was affecting my health.  After ten years of brand marketing for the world’s largest athletic footwear brands, and after getting engaged to a single father of three, it was time to rediscover myself so I could take care of others.  Not at all convinced I was doing the right thing, I left corporate life for culinary school.  I became a certified chef.

In 2008 The Good Plate opened it’s doors in Portland, Oregon.  Our mission was to provide healthy, wholesome meals to busy people.  My personal goal was, and still is to show my customers that healthy food is also delicious food.  And it worked!  As the business grew, my passion for nutrition grew with fervor.  I was not only feeding busy people, but I had a growing base of both gravely ill customers and people who were suffering from a traumatic life experience.  They were relying on me for the nourishment to heal.  About the same time my brother-in-law; brother-in-heart as I call him was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the young age of 38.  That was it.  I knew my calling was to help people achieve their greatest health through the healing power of food.

Today I’m located in the Seacoast area of Portsmouth, NH.  I’m a board certified holistic health coach with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  In addition to running my own business, I am chef and health coach for Dig In, Real Food Solutions, offering corporate wellness programs and team building events themed around healthy food preparation.  Contact me for more information.

“Wow Teri, we are a changed family thanks to you”  Val, IT Manager

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