The Program

You Can Regain Control of Your Health!


Inflammation is a naturally occurring immune response that enables our bodies to heal. Chronic inflammation happens when the inflammatory response doesn’t shut off, and it can take over the entire body. Some experts say it’s the root of all disease.

I say we truly are what we eat. A diet of nutrient-lacking foods is a cause of chronic inflammation, and it is making us sick. The beauty – you can reverse inflammation through diet and lifestyle. You can regain control of your health!

If you want to change your diet, or if you are you are just tired of feeling sick and tired, I can help. My coaching programs and cooking style follow an anti-inflammatory approach to a healthy lifestyle.

My group and individual coaching covers:

  • Chronic inflammation – what it is and how to tame it with an anti-inflammatory lifestyle
  • Introduction to anti-inflammatory foods, cooking techniques and recipes
  • Methods for integrating change including organizational skills and planning
  • The role of lifestyle including sleep, movement and stress management

I also offer personal chef services, group and private cooking instruction and meal planning services.

I specialize in working with clients who suffer autoimmune conditions, but I am happy to work with anybody who wishes to reverse chronic inflammation.

Navigating diet and lifestyle change can be overwhelming. I can help.

“Teri, I always feel enriched after seeing you.  You are a breeze of fresh air, instilling an energized enthusiasm in others by your strokes of sincerity, insight and knowledge” Lisa, entrepreneur


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